What is an Airbnb clone and how do you get one?

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Have you ever wondered how to start your own vacation rental platform like Airbnb? The answer lies in Airbnb clones. 

But if you’re new to the vacation rental business, you might have heard a lot about “Airbnb clones.” 

But what exactly are they, and how can you get one for your own business? 

Don’t worry if you’re feeling confused – we’re here to help!

In this blog, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about Airbnb clones so fasten your seatbelts.

What is an Airbnb clone?

An Airbnb clone is a readymade vacation rental script or platform that helps entrepreneurs and business owners to launch their vacation rental business in a short span of time. It has all the essential features and functionality of the Airbnb platform.

Airbnb clones are customizable based on your business requirements as most of the clones are built in such a way. You can feel free to add or remove features if you wish to.

This flexibility has a strong impact on startups and business owners who want to launch their own businesses but with a feasible solution in a cost-effective manner.

Three main components of Airbnb clone

Every Airbnb clone in the market consists of three main components – Guest, Host, and Admin.


A guest or a user is someone who is looking for a place to stay during their vacation. These are the people who look either for a house or property to book for their stay with the help of your platform.


Hosts are individuals who list their properties on the platform. This allows guests to view and book accommodations based on their preferences and schedule.


The admin or owner oversees and manages all activities on the platform from the backend, using the admin panel.

How does Airbnb clone work?

As you know, the Airbnb clone allows you to launch your own vacation rental business or short-term rental business without going for scratch development. I.e you don’t have to build a platform similar to Airbnb from scratch.

All the essential features and functionalities are pre-built in order for you to easily launch your rental business.

Let me explain what happens if a customer purchases a GlyphStay Airbnb clone

Once the customer makes the payment, we will send the source code files in 8 – 12 hours and ask them to share the server information.

We will install the 100% source code on their server and make the site live in the next 48 hours.

After that, we will rebrand the site completely by changing the logo and icons, and within a week, our customer can launch their own website similar to Airbnb with the help of the GlyphStay Airbnb clone.

And yes, I heard you. We provide both Android and iOS apps as well and help our customers with app submission to the Play Store and App Store.

Note: It is just an example and please note that the use case and timeframe may vary from customer to customer based on their inputs.

How to choose an Airbnb clone?

Well, there are hundreds and thousands of Airbnb clones available on the market and you have to be very picky when choosing an Airbnb clone.

Look for the below checklist,

  • 100% source code – Yes, it is very important as it allows you to own the full ownership of your platform. 
  • Customization – Look for clone providers who can help you with customizing the platform and features based on your business needs.
  • Latest Tech Stack – Prefer Airbnb clones that are built with the latest technology like ReactJs and Django. Never compromise on technology as it is the foundation for your vacation rental business.
  • Scalability – You need to choose a clone that should be scalable when your business and customer grows.
  • Customer Support – Choose a provider who gives their 200% to make their customers happy and help them whenever there is an issue. A dedicated custom support will be an additional advantage.

You can also read my blog on various things to consider before buying an Airbnb clone.

So, how much does an Airbnb clone cost?

Airbnb clone starts at around $800 and can go up to $4000. Each package has its own perks but you need to choose which one suits your business needs.

You might think it is pricy but to build an Airbnb clone from scratch (custom development) will cost you around $20000 to $40000. It will definitely break your bank. 

To avoid such scenarios, we recommend you to go with the Airbnb clone. If you are looking for a cost-effective Airbnb clone, then you can prefer GlyphStay as we have designed the package in such a way that it suits Startups as well as enterprises.

Wrapping up

Thinking about where to start? Speak with our team, and we can help you choose the right solution.

Opt for the GlyphStay Airbnb clone and launch your vacation rental business today!

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