How to choose a blog title?

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Writing a compelling blog headline or title is an art that goes beyond mere words. It’s all about capturing attention, arousing curiosity, and establishing a connection with your audience. 

As David Ogilvy famously said in his book, “How to Write Better Copy,” the headline is worth 80 cents of your dollar. This statement holds true for blog titles as well.

Blog titles are the gateway to capture your audience’s attention in the first place.

As a marketer or content creators, it’s our responsibility to deliver relevant, and valuable content that resonates with our audience and adds genuine value to their experience.

You chose to read this blog because you found the title interesting right?

Blog title is the most important thing in your blog post that your readers will see even before clicking the link and reading the rest. So, make it worth the read.

Alright, let’s discuss some tips ranging from popular headline formulas to the emotional nuances that make a title memorable. 

Stay with me so you don’t miss anything and I promise your takeaways will be worth it.

1) Mastering the art of popular headline formulas

Writing a blog title involves a mix of creativity and strategic thinking. Here are some popular formulas to consider,

i) How-To Formula – How to {{achieve Something}} in {{specific timeframe}}?”
ii) Ultimate Guide Formula – “The Ultimate Guide to {{topic}}” or “Everything you need to know about {{Topic}}”
iii) Controversial Statement Formula – “Why {{common belief}} is actually {{opposite view}}” or “The truth about {{controversial topic}}”
iv) Question Formula – Are you {{facing a challenge}}? Here’s what to do” or What can {{Solution/Action}} teach you about {{topic}}?
v) Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) Formula – “Don’t miss out on {{exciting opportunity}} – Here’s how?” or “The {{number}} things you’ll regret not knowing about {{topic}}”

This is just an example of popular blog title formulas. If you wish to share more, feel free to write a comment below.

2) Practice writing blog titles

If you want to master something, practice it first. And, understand that getting good at making titles is an ongoing process. Try out different titles and see what fits your topic best. 

By doing this regularly, you’ll get better at coming up with creative titles naturally. 

3) Notice the headlines you enjoy

Keep an eye on headlines that grab your attention as a reader. Figure out what you like about them, and use those elements in your own titles. 

Your personal preferences often match those of your target audience, making it a valuable guide for crafting effective titles.

4) Keyword research

Practice the habit of incorporating keywords into your blog title to boost its visibility on search engines. Utilize tools like Google Keyword Planner or Semrush to discover relevant keywords for your specific topic. 

However, maintain a balance – prioritize readability and engagement overloading with keywords. 

Remember, a title that connects with your audience is as crucial as one optimized for search engines.

5) Create multiple blog titles for each post

Never settle for one. Always follow the practice of writing many many blog titles for each and every blog that you are about to write. It not only improves creativity but also allows you to choose the most impactful title.  

Also, by thinking of different titles, you can come across many scenarios that help you to cover certain aspects while writing a blog.

6) Avoid overselling, only honesty sells

Try to balance the art of attracting your audience with genuine transparency. Be honest in your titles, set clear expectations, and foster trust with your readers. 

It’s recommended to build authenticity with your content and build a loyal and engaging customer fanbase.

Be real and be you. It’s the best way to build long-lasting connections in the blogging world.

7) Design headlines that touch the heart

Choose words that connect with their emotions, taking them on a journey of joy, excitement, or understanding. By infusing emotion into your headlines, you create a strong bond with your audience, making your content memorable and meaningful. 

So, choose your words thoughtfully, and let your titles weave a story of feelings!

8) Write for your unique audience

As a content creator, your focus should be on delivering valuable insights and addressing your audience’s needs rather than just promoting. 

Connect with your audience on a personal level by crafting blog titles that align with their interests and concerns. Remember, the goal is to educate people and not just to write and promote the blog for marketing purposes.

Wrapping up!

Mastering the art of blog titles is a continuous journey. By incorporating these eight tips into your creative process, you’ll not only attract more eyes to your content but also build a stronger connection with your audience. Happy titling!

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